Project: 'Sovereign Lands' Development Log #2 - Completed Main Menu & Work on Pause Menu Functionality

Today we worked on the design & implementation of the main menu system. The main menu now support basic functionality and even allows you to alter the games' quality. The game will hold a lot of shadows therefore, with the addition of the quality settings alterations you can play the game on almost any PC. Also today we started and are still working on the save game data and load game data. We believe that because this game is a single-player story game it is crucial that you can save your progress and load it when starting the game back up. Our designer is working tirelessly to create the games UI whilst our modeller is also working tirelessly to create the 3D assets to the game. Now by far the hardest part of this process is taking all the assets that I am being fed and hooking them all up so that they work together and work properly. Also our programmer began work on the save and loading functionality of the game update to come. Optimisation to come.

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